Redefining Nepal: Two Ambassadors Perspectives

Speakers: Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Sridhar Khatri of Nepal and

Ambassador (ret) Scott H. DeLisi, former U.S. Ambassador to Nepal

Recorded: November 16, 2022 – WATCH RECORDING SOON!

The ambassador’s will share their perspectives on the unique challenges Nepal faces as it continues its transition from what was once the world’s only Hindu kingdom to a federal democratic republic. Today’s Nepal is redefining itself as political entity, as an actor in an evolving global economy, and as a nation state in a world where geographic boundaries no longer define our reach or our role.

International Criminal Justice Today: Challenges and Prospects

Speaker: Ambassador Marc Perrin de Brichambaut, Judge at the International Criminal Court in The Hague

Recorded: October 26, 2022WATCH RECORDING SOON!

Ambassador Marc Perrin de Brichambaut, served in the Conseil D’État, France’s Supreme Court for judicial review and has had extensive diplomatic experience, both in his national service and in international organizations such as the United Nations and the Organization for security and Cooperation in Europe. 

The Rome Statute supported by 123 States created the International Criminal Court in 1998 as a permanent international tribunal and gave it jurisdiction to prosecute and adjudicate on war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes of genocide committed on the territory of its participating states or by their nationals. How has this institution been developing ?  What are its potential contributions and impact? How does the United States relate to it? Ambassador de Brichambaut will also discuss reports of and work related to atrocities in Ukraine and other locations. These and other questions deserve careful attention and serious debate.

The War in Ukraine: Russian context, Western policies, International implications

Speaker: Robert Goeckel

Recorded: September 13, 2022

Robert Goeckel received his undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Michigan and his doctorate in Government from Harvard University.  He has taught political science and international relations at SUNY Geneseo since 1982.  His research specialty has been eastern Europe, Germany and the former USSR, in particular focusing on the role of churches and religion in these political systems. In addition to a number of articles, he has published two books: The Lutheran Church and the East German State (1990, Cornell University Press), translated into German in 1998; Soviet Religious Policy in Estonia and Latvia: Playing Harmony in the Singing Revolution (2018, Indiana University Press).  Goeckel was co-director of the SUNY Center for the Study of the US and Russia at Moscow State University, 2000-2001 and led study abroad groups to Russia from 2004 to 2012.  He was named a SUNY Distinguished Professor in 2020.

During his presentation, Dr. Goeckel will attempt to answer some of most pressing questions regarding the current conflict in Ukraine such as; how did political developments in Russia and its foreign policy set the stage for the war? To what extent have Western policies played a role? What are the implications of the war for international politics?

Closing Chapter in Afghanistan

Speaker: Ambassador Ross Wilson

Recorded: May 2, 2022

International Human Rights Violations and Russia

Speaker: Ambassador David Scheffer

Recorded: April 28, 2022

Sustainable Architecture

Speaker: Aaron Brakke

Recorded: April 18, 2022

Ukraine and the New Refugee Crisis in Europe

Speaker: Dr. Laura Dean

Recorded: March 26, 2022 (in collaboration with the Lithuanian-American Club)

U.S and Turkey Relations

Speaker: Dr. Sibel Oktay

Recorded: March 23, 2022

Mexican Women Today: Entrepreneurship and Activism From Digital Strategies to COVID Responses

Speakers: Dr. Karla Kral and Dr. Claudia Prado-Meza

Recorded: February 24, 2022 (in collaboration with the UIS ECCE Series)

Global Health

Speakers: Dr. Edem Agamah, Dr. Careyana M. Brenham, and Dr. Wendi Wills El-Amin

Recorded: February 17, 2022

Sweden: From Viking Age to Peace and Democracy

Speaker: Karin Abercrombie and Anna Engstrom Patel

Recorded: December 15, 2021

International Education in the Land of Lincoln

Speaker: Jolene Vollmer

Recorded: Tuesday, November 16, 2021

The Need for R2P:  Addressing Atrocity Crimes in Myanmar

Speaker: Dr. Andy Knight, University of Alberta

Recorded: Wednesday, September 29, 2021 

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